Conflicted Copy Resolver

Dropbox Conflicted Copies Easily Removed

Are conflicted copies piling up in your Dropbox? No worries, we can help. Our Conflicted Copy Resolver will find and get rid of these duplicate files. Let’s clean up your Dropbox right here in your browser, without you having to download any software. You can either let the Resolver handle everything, or resolve your conflicted copies manually with its help.


How it works

The Conflicted Copy Resolver simply scans your Dropbox files for conflicted copies and tells you how many conflicts you have. At this point, you have three options how to handle them. You can let it resolve all your conflicted copies at once, and choose – first – whether you always want to keep the newest version or –second – the original version. The third option is to check and resolve every conflict manually in the detail view. All this happens directly on your device so you do not have to worry about privacy. At no point we can see or scan the content in your Dropbox.


Why a Conflicted Copy Resolver?

With Boxcryptor we have been in the cloud business for quite some time now. Additionally, we actually use Dropbox in combination with Boxcryptor in our company. To handle the conflicted copies in our Dropbox in a quicker and automated way, we created this tool. At some point, we noticed this topic being discussed in several forums, and concluded that many more people using Dropbox have the same problem with conflicted copies as we do. In order to save you time cleaning up your files manually, we decided to share this tool and make it publically available.

Frequently Asked Questions

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